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Guangzhou longtian copper products Co., Ltd. is a design and development, production and sales, after-sales service in one of the modern copper art manufacturing enterprises, mainly engaged in the project include: copper doors, copper windows, brass railings, copper awnings, copper decoration works, coppersculptures, murals of copper, copper backdrop, copper handicrafts and other products.

The company has been the founder of China's leading copper art enterprise, adhere to "strive for innovation, scientific management, unique business" principle, the use of advanced equipment, high-quality windows and doors copper plate, professional and considerate service for our customers to provide cost-effective copper art products. Follow the laws of the market, and constantly improve the management of enterprises and products, production process, and committed to creating with its own characteristics and advantages of copper art manufacturing systems.

Companies adhering to the "goods to raise the heart" business philosophy to provide customers with quality products, "the spirit of enterprise. With a unique design vision, insight into industry trends, trend-setting, and make every one Fuxin work from design, material selection, cut and polish to the finished product a unique and distinguished boutique in the skilled hands of master craftsmen. Expression between us and our customers long-lasting and integrity make her a solid heavy metal. Look forward to working with our customers hand in hand, create brilliant!

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